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Workshop lead by James MacLennan former CIO of IDEX & Culligan, and author of the book “Don’t Thing So Much: A Simpler Approach to Digital Transformation that Creates Value and Connects People.”

T he Challenge… Every day, you hear about the impact of Digital Transformation on your business, and see signals of this impact in your operations, customers, competition, and markets.

  • Customer wants to understand how this will help them create value for their customers
  • Employees want to translate these changes into compelling work that matters
  • Leadership wants to see innovation – and a return on their investment (capital, resources, time)

The signals may be clear, but the way forward is not.

The solution is to develop a view on digital transformation that is specific to your business. You need something simple to understand, and driven with an action plan that delivers meaningful results while managing the impact of change.

The solution… is developed with a Digital Transformation Workshop – structured discussions with simple frameworks that accelerate and guide the process.

When complete, your team will have an actionable roadmap and a solid business plan, that aligns with your goals, targets meaningful benefits, and outlines the resources (time, people, and investment) required to get there.