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If you don’t know this already…

I t’s apparent that we are in an information overload and content/data abundant world. To a point that we cannot consume and understand it fast enough which has massively disrupted everything. The only constant in this world is change and it is happening faster than ever and beyond our ability to keep pace. The result, is the inability to clearly drive change, transform business via technology, secure the more than ever mobile workforce, and maintain the competitive edge over your competition. Ascenda is your clear path forward. An agency that maintains a pulse on marketplace trends, business transforming technologies, and delivers a process, strategy, and approach to ensure technology is consumed effectively as you navigate the disruption in a way that enhances business and your role as an IT leader. There’s a lot of mud in the water and there are more technology services and platforms than ever before that you have the option to consume. Which one is right for you? How do you evaluate one over the other? Has your buying process changed since the arrival of the cloud? It should have. What makes one solution better than the other? If only you had an “Amazon” or “Google” like platform which delivers real information, case studies, ACTUAL CUSTOMER reviews, data, marketplace trends, engineering resources, RFP’s, and more. Oh wait, you do ?

With that said, I believe that it is critical to maintain a cadence with clients to ensure you are educated, have the wherewithal to navigate disruption, and know who to lean on to develop the strategy, contract the technology appropriately, successfully implement, and ultimately consume.

What will this cadence look like? A bi weekly/monthly letter from myself showcasing clients that have successfully taken a step forward in their cloud journey, market trends, relevant/current events that are meaningful to you, and some questions to reflect on as you look internally within your current and future projects. Should I strike a chord or perhaps the information sent is relevant to a current evaluation or project, let’s connect. Our team is ready to partner and lean in with you on the next phase of your cloud journey.

Ascenda, your stable source for technology & knowledge in a world of disruption.