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Article originally posted as an eBook by RingCentral
If you left any of these unchecked, your communications system is capable of so much more.

Today’s work takes place in the office, at home, and everywhere in between. And with new hybrid models of work, your communications system plays a key role in keeping your teams connected and your customers happy.

Check all of the capabilities that apply to your current communications system:

Employee Experience

Connected Employees

Does your communications system allow you and your employees to make and receive calls not only from a physical office desk phone, but also from a mobile phone or laptop?


Digital Tools

Does your communications system deliver on the latest unified tools by combining message, video, and phone together in a single app
(or otherwise streamline your tech stack to help your team be more productive)?


Remote Work, Anywhere

Does your communications system allow your teams to work from anywhere, on any device, and on any channel of their choosing (message, video, and phone)?



Does your communications system grow with you? Can you scale easily, as needed, from location to location and device to device?


On The Go

Does your phone system work as effectively if you or your team are out of the office? Can you easily make call-routing adjustments on the fly?


Never Miss A Call

Do you ever miss calls? Does your phone system allow customers and partners to quickly reach the right person—the first time—without assistance?


Integrated Technology


Does your communications system integrate with the core apps that your teams use every day? For example, Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft?


Open Platform

Can you quickly create custom apps for your communications system using your vendor’s APIs?



Does your phone system provide call reporting and analytics reports that can be customized and delivered on demand to provide insight into the performance of the system and your team?



Does your communications system support streamlined workflow and task management?


Data Sharing

Does your communications system provide your support team full visibility on the latest discussions across multiple projects?


Smart Routing

Does your phone system allow you to customize the messaging and/or routing of an inbound call to make sure the caller is routed to the most appropriate employee who’s currently available to take a call?


Preset Rules

Does your phone system allow you to create preset call routing rules and logic that automatically change outside of business hours?


Easy To Deploy

Is your business phone system easy to deploy, even without a dedicated IT team?



Can your solution automatically record and store calls for future training?


A Unified Platform


Does your communications system allow your teams to schedule, join, and launch video meetings with a single click?



Does your communications system give you a team messaging or chat platform that enables instant messaging and file sharing to individuals, customized groups, and project teams?



Does your communications system allow your employees, customers, and partners to send and receive text/SMS/MMS messages?


Internet Fax

Does your communications system allow you to send and receive electronic fax documents using your currently assigned phone number?


Customer Experience

Customer Expectations

Does your phone and communications system provide options to maximize your customer engagement and support?



Does your current collaboration solution allow your team to respond to customers across multiple different channels like social media, email, and chat?


Cloud Flexibility

Are your communications built on a cloud platform designed for easy scalability for when you want to expand the team?



Do you have the ability to maintain a unique corporate identity on your own personal mobile device by making and receiving phone calls while hiding your personal number?


Easy Changes

Does your business phone system allow you to make additions/subtractions/changes to routing on the fly that go into effect immediately?


If you left any boxes unchecked, your communications system is capable of so much more.

Today’s hybrid and remote-first teams want to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. They want the freedom to choose how they communicate and collaborate. And most importantly, they want the ability to work their way.

RingCentral gives your teams everything they need to work together from anywhere with message, video, phone, and contact center all in one place.

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