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RingCentral: the best solution for Mitel customers to upgrade to the cloud

Has your Mitel communications system kept up with hybrid and remote work? With the disruption of the past few years, many companies are turning to the cloud for increased flexibility and mobility in their communications. The world has changed, and on-premises systems are quickly becoming outdated.

Mitel chose to partner with RingCentral to help address this need.

When you upgrade to RingCentral MVP, you get the best, most seamless path to the cloud, through device integrations and migration tools developed in tandem by RingCentral and Mitel.

If you’re a Mitel on-premises customer, here’s why you should consider switching to RingCentral MVP:

1. Unify business communications
2. Boost flexibility for your business
3. Reduce infrastructure and management costs
4. Ensure security and compliance needs are met
5. Benefit from constant innovation
6. Simplify multi-location management
7. Support mobile and remote workers

Plus, you can save a ton of money! RingCentral is offering exclusive deals just for Mitel customers. Add in our expertise as a trusted RingCentral Partner, and we can make it easy for you to connect your team no matter where they work.