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A Healthcare Communication

Platform is Vital to Improve

The Patient Experience

A healthcare communications platform is an integrated suite of collaboration tools, including voice, video meetings, secure messaging, and contact center technologies. Combined, providers use it to increase patient touch points and deliver virtual patient access centers to share important information with patients and with other healthcare providers.

This technology makes it easier for patients to communicate with their providers and to update them on their conditions. With a healthcare communication platform, patients can take a larger and more active role in their care, which ultimately leads to greater patient satisfaction and improved outcomes.

5 Cases For Cloud Communications In Healthcare
Improving Patient Engagement & Satisfaction

Through Scheduling

Patients can reach providers in a variety of ways, including phone, texts, and online meetings, and the experience is consistent in every channel. When a clinic employee is speaking with a patient at a larger practice, that individual’s information appears onscreen during the conversation. After the appointment is booked, the patient receives an automated SMS before the event, which increases the likelihood the patient will show up to receive the needed care.

Improving Patient Engagement & Satisfaction

Increased Provider Collaboration

By putting a healthcare communication platform in place, providers and patients alike can reap the benefits of greater coordination. For example, a nurse preparing to discharge a patient could perform a screen-share with other clinicians during the course of a video conference, so that all providers could be on the same page with the patient’s condition and treatment, and no errors would be made.

Effective communication can save money; a study carried out at Johns Hopkins Community Healthcare Partnership showed that patients receiving coordinated care after discharge saved the healthcare system $4,295 per beneficiary.

Improving Patient Engagement & Satisfaction

Improve Post-Discharge

Researchers estimate that one-quarter of all 30-day hospital readmissions are preventable.

If there’s an adverse reaction to a medication, for example, he or she could call a phone number that would connect the patient with an outpatient care call center. The call center agent, in turn, would contact the doctor through a messaging app, and the doctor would respond with a suggestion based on the severity of the complaint.

A patient might have questions about post-discharge treatment, such as physical therapy. In that case, the patient could hold a video chat with a physiotherapist to review how to perform a specific exercise. After each interaction, the patient would receive an SMS prompt to log into the patient portal and complete a survey.

3 Ways Cloud Communications Creates An Ideal Patient Experience

According to Gartner, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and every other factor as the top competitive differentiator for brands. In reality, most industries already view it as a key differentiator—and healthcare is no exception. Good patient experience (PX) in healthcare today is more critical than ever, given several important trends impacting the industry...

What HITRUST-Certified Communication Solutions Mean for Your Facility

HITRUST stands for the Health Information Trust Alliance. The Alliance was founded by healthcare and IT professionals who developed a security framework to manage HIPAA security requirements.

Communication systems are comprehensive platforms that enable customers or patients to connect with organizations the way they want, using technologies such as SMS, voice, video, messaging, and contact centers.

Increased Efficiency

IT will spend less time putting out security fires

Provable Compliance

Alignment with security & privacy requirements in HIPAA

Protection Framework

Integrates requirements from ISO NIST PCI & HIPAA

Proactive Security

Cyber-threat intelligence is aligned w HITRUST framework

Save On Audits

Show how you’re meeting regulatory obligations at once

Patients’ Trust

You’ve gone the extra mile to protect your patient’s data

Together We Can Build An Ideal Patient Experience

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