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Ascenda Acquisition FAQ’s

Who is is a cybersecurity consulting firm, focused on promoting and aligning Extended Detection and Response (XDR) security solutions. They are hyper-focused on select organizations to develop and deliver tailored security approaches and customized XDR strategies that harmonize with mid to enterprise organizations unique needs and goals.

Why did Ascenda acquire

The acquisition of is part of Ascenda’s strategic plan to expand its portfolio of cybersecurity solutions and accelerate its growth in the market. Ascenda will be acquiring’s current clients, team of subject matter experts, engineers, and consultants; as well as adopting their proven holistic cybersecurity training regimen and domain knowledge.

What does Ascenda's cybersecurity suite primarily consist of?

  1. XDR/MDR platform. Continuously ingests & correlates millions of threat signals across your environment, giving you complete attack surface visibility. Patented AI and machine learning eliminate noise, power real-time detection and response, and automatically block over 3M attacks every single day – so our experts can focus on your highest priority security events.
  2. Managed Risk Services. Partner with Ascenda to proactively identify security gaps in your environment and build comprehensive security strategies that scale with your growing attack surface.
  3. Threat Response Units. Stay ahead of sophisticated known and unknown cyber threats with proactive threat intelligence, original threat research, and a world-class team of seasoned industry veterans.

How does Ascenda work?

Ascenda brings together the right mix of software, services, capabilities and professionals utilizing a tech agnostic approach to solve your business needs – no matter your size or industry.

Is it really free to start?

Yes! We have two tiers, allowing you to choose the best option for your organization. The first, which is no cost to you, is a vendor alignment engagement where we manage the whole technology acquisition process, taking the load off your back. The second, would be a paid consulting proceeding, including a deep dive into your complete attack surface, providing actionable deliverables to improve your cybersecurity detection and response time.

Will the same people I’ve grown accustomed to still be working for Ascenda?

Yes everyone that works for Ascenda will remain; we’ll just be adding very talented cybersecurity experts from to the team.

Who do I contact for cybersecurity based questions?

Please continue to contact your current Ascenda account manager for any cybersecurity related questions, as they’ll bring in the appropriate security experts going forward. If you do not have or know your Ascenda account manager you can get ahold of our cybersecurity team by reaching out to:

  • or
  • 630-505-7500 Main or 630-577-2680 Sales

What changes will I immediately notice?

Nothing other than you may be reached out to by your Ascenda team on behalf of to discuss the new addition and any upcoming cybersecurity initiatives that may be on the table for the next calendar year.

If you’d like to schedule a quick intro call with our cybersecurity team, don’t hesitate to by using this link.

Are my current cybersecurity agreements with Ascenda still valid?

Yes all previously executed agreements with Ascenda will still remain valid thru their expiration dates with no changes to the terms or pricing. Going forward you’ll have access to a greater depth of cybersecurity knowledge for future projects.